Taking Root (Hometown Series Book 1)


A loud banging at Brooklyn’s front door on a stormy night has her nerves on edge, and wielding only an unloaded shotgun, she’s terrified. The man at the door claims to have been run off the road, his motorcycle as dumped and damaged as he is. Walking to this familiar house is Caleb’s only option. Hearing Brooklyn’s voice on the other side of the door brings him a calming relief. Brooklyn Wilde and Caleb Ransom’s past comes flooding back; nonetheless, her nurse instincts kick in. When she lets him in, he’s beat up but still makes her heart beat fast. Caleb’s time in prison is done, and he’s just passing through to visit his mama’s grave. History in this small town will not make life easy on these two, but like moths to flames, they are drawn together. Caleb needs to keep moving and to keep them both safe.

A feisty Alpaca on a remote ranch, a cold-case murder mystery, and a bounty of suspense liven this story. The main characters are well drawn, and their detailed pasts give readers a deeper look into how they all tick, as the past creeps into the present. Though second chance romance is commonplace, the combination of the town’s people and their histories add multiple layers of entertainment. The secondary characters that populate Candlewood Falls add to the drama with mysteries that continually flow from the main plot. These numerous mini plots weave into this story, surely laying the groundwork for this series to blossom. “Taking Root” is the first in the series and will definitely keep readers on the lookout for what comes next in the saga.

Viola Robbins