Sworn to Protect (Vows of the Heart #1)


Reluctant professional thief Bethany Kress and bad boy undercover ATF agent Ethan Lancaster are forced to become allies, running for their lives from a ruthless international arms dealer and  drug lord, with no one to trust or rely on but each other and a murdered agent’s ghost. To protect her father, Bethany is forced to steals cars and drive for Jose Cordova in L.A. She accidentally reveals the identity of an undercover DEA agent, witnessing his murder. Undercover with Cordova’s New York operations gathering evidence of arms dealing for two years, Ethan’s cover is blown by a mole, leaving him severely tortured, barely alive, but his team rescues him and arrests Cordova. When Cordova escapes custody, Ethan is ordered into U.S. Marshal protective custody along with Bethany. Ethan is burdened by his past, drowning in guilt, questioning why he survived. Honorable, strong, relentless, he vows to protect Bethany and bring Cordova down. Tortured by her past and guilt, Bethany longs to escape the criminal life and live a normal one. She is courageous, decisive, resourceful, and an exceptional driver and thief whose skills keep them alive. Thrown together in crazy circumstances, this unlikely pair become true partners, bringing out the best in each other, healing scars and wounds, opening up to things they never expected to receive, unconditional love, acceptance, and a second chance.

Despite a slow start and uneven tone, Sworn to Protect picks up the pace, with nicely developed characters who evolve, well-developed suspense, action scenes, steamy and angsty romance, and intriguing paranormal elements.  A thrilling read!

Lacy Hill