Stranger in the Storm


Janet Mitchell needs to get away from her abusive and controlling boyfriend. Her parents cabin is the perfect location to hide away and work on her novel and forget men. Little does she know that a hurricane is due to hit. Through strong winds and fallen trees, Janet meets Wes, who winds up looking a lot like an escaped convict. Janet and Wes experience a connection, yet Janet refuses to entertain the idea of another romance while healing from her recent break-up. Janet’s plans to hide away are further complicated by the arrival of the two escaped convicts, one identical to Wes. How can this be? With no way out of her predicament, Janet finds a way to survive the storm and allow a real chance at true love.

“Stranger in the Storm” is a race through a maze of high stakes and suspense. Janet’s naive vision for a quiet escape from a bad break-up is a perfect setup for the savage storm and terrifying antagonists. Wes embodies the epitome of a dreamy local guy at the right place at the right time. His own conflicts build tension in sync with Janet’s. Patricia McAlexander’s masterful plots twists will keep readers guessing as to how the story will unfold.  The boyfriend visiting Janet was a tad farfetched in timing and may have been more satisfying if his storyline meshed with the storm and convicts. Overall, “Stranger in the Storm” is a satisfying thrill ride of the perfect getaway gone wrong.

Moira Wolf