The Sovereignty File


Jonathan Burke interviews a US Senator who is the leading Presidential candidate. He didn’t expect it to take him on a dangerous journey after potentially uncovering a conspiracy that could put a dangerous man inside the White House. When he comes across an unsolved murder of a ten-year-old black girl, it becomes more of a journey for Jonathan to discover more about himself. It becomes apparent that nothing has changed, and the secrets may never be revealed. Jonathan has a rough task ahead of him as he works the case while trying to stay off the radar. There is a lot at stake, and everything is on the line.

Suspenseful is an understatement for “The Sovereignty File”, and it definitely makes this novel a page turner! Elizabeth Smith has a talent for weaving the story and keeping one right on the edge, to the point that readers will be biting nails and leaning right over, ready to fall in order to find out what’s going to happen next! Jonathan is a flawed character who ends up on a journey of self-discovery while seeking the truth. Questions come up throughout the entire novel, but when it comes to getting any answers, it’s left right down to the final chapter which may be a little irritating to some readers. There was a lot of information and details within the story that showed the amount of research that was done by the author, which definitely stood out. Enthralling and spell-binding, “The Sovereignty File” is sure to be a hit with lovers of suspenseful tales!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick