Slaughterhouse - Jack Slaughter Thrillers #3


Four years ago, Jack Slaughter’s family was decimated. His child and the family dog were, pardon the pun, slaughtered in his kitchen; and his wife vanished – then he killed a cannibalistic serial killer in his living room. Now a man commits suicide in Jack's abandoned home. Oh yeah, his confidante, Father Nick, has passed. A despondent Jack gets his affairs in order, pours himself a shot of Jameson, and plans to end his nightmare with a bullet. By divine intervention –or just dumb luck, his ex-partner, Ray, interrupts his plan by asking for help investigating a possible connection with Jack's tragedy. Bullet dodged…for now, Jack goes undercover in a desperate, dangerous sting, hoping to finally find closure.

“Slaughterhouse” delivers a thrilling tale of suspense that will have readers speeding through the pages faster than a 90 mph coastal ride on a Harley Fatboy! Jack's despair is palpable which will get a stranglehold on readers' hearts as it wafts from the page like a cold misty fog from the San Francisco Bay. Ray’s steadfast loyalty and love provides the worry, anger, and humor of a longstanding friendship, keeping Jack grounded. The vivid descriptions of the landmarks and streets of San Francisco manage to inform, while also ensnaring the reader's imagination. A masterful tale of one man's mission to find answers using his deductive skills, a few friendly favors, and possibly the help of a guardian angel to solve the mystery of his family's slaughter – and hopefully slay a den of dragons. K. A. Lugo delivers a heartbreaking, heart-pounding tale of angst and suspense that pulls readers in from page one and holds them tight until it's done!

Tonya Mathenia