Shattered Promises (Rock Ledge Book 1)


Miranda Johnson lives alone in rural Arkansas on purpose. She goes by Randi now, and has created a name for herself as an artist. When a plane goes down near her property, her private bubble is invaded by every branch of law enforcement imaginable. Recognizing FBI agent Malone, Randi is shaken by old familiarity, but when he approaches, he’s not kind. She realizes a spark remains between them, but also knows reconnecting with him is a bad idea. Agent Wade Malone is on scene of the plane crash and comes face to face with the only woman he’s ever loved. That was nine years ago—angry water under the bridge. When he’d left after high school graduation, and she didn’t wait for him, he closed his heart to her and buried his feelings deep.

“Shattered Promises” is an amazing suspenseful story with twists and turns that will keep readers glued to the pages!. This is a second chance romance of two strong protagonists, and the way it plays out is beautifully written as it portrays pains endured by both. ‘He pulled her down, and his lips met hers, he felt as if he has come home’. Welcome home! The trope is an imaginative one, and readers will enjoy the many characters that play into the mystery of a stranger poking around where he doesn’t belong. Sebastian the pet cat steals many scenes with his antics and clever personality. This is the first in a series, and readers should add Ms. Trout to their favorites list to get the next in this heartwarming series.

Viola Robbins