Shape of My Heart (Irish Pride Series, #3)


Shape of My Heartopens as Jett contemplates life before going onstage in seedy Irish strip club.  She would like to fall in love and have a happily ever after, but shes not going to find the man for that at The Klub. She promises herself just a little bit longer until she gets the money she needs to start the life she wants. Unfortunately, before that happens she catches the eye of a dangerous man.

J.D. is an undercover detective trying to break open a drug ring being run from The Klub. He finds himself falling for the down-home girl Grainne, who masquerades as Jett. Before their relationship can progress they inadvertently witness a murder that puts them both in danger and on the run. 

Ms. Shortland does a wonderful job crafting a heroine who considers herself worldly, but is actually very vulnerable. J.D. wrestles with using Grainne for spying, even though hes aware it will endanger her. The Irish phrases and setting add color to what could have been just another version of Pretty Woman with guns. There is plenty of steam between the pages, which should be expected when the heroine is a pole dancer. The only complaint is that of the overdone trope.  The "stripper with a heart of gold character" is almost as common as the "billionaire businessman" when it comes to romances. 

Shape of My Heartis a tight, well-paced romance complete with a happy ending and enough heat to sear the readers fingers! 

Morgan Stamm