Shadows (Black Raven # 1)


A genius, multi-millionaire software developer is missing from federal prison and his daughters, who are hiding under assumed names, may be the only link to solving his disappearance.  Sebastian Connley, a Black Raven security contractor, is positive Skye Barrows is the lead to her father.  Skye has worked hard to create a new life for herself and her younger sister under new identities until she received a cryptic message from her father to run.  She knows their survival depends on complete secrecy and their next new identities.  However, Sebastian is blocking her desperate plan to flee and follow her father’s protocol.  Can she escape Sebastian to obtain the next clue in the puzzle her father created or can Sebastian save her from herself and the megalomaniac set on using her father’s creations for world domination?

WOW!  “Shadows” is a highly polished, gritty, suspense-packed tale that will have readers hanging on the edge of their seats!  Brilliantly written, this story with profoundly unique characters will leave readers gasping while refusing to lay the book down.  The high-intensity situation that leads to instant attraction between Skye and Sebastian may raise an eyebrow regarding the believability but it works. Readers might find themselves bogged down in the middle of this epic-sized novel but will be well rewarded for staying the course.  Strong words of caution should be given due to violent acts within the novel, but die-hard suspense junkies will persevere.  Kudos to the author for an excellent read!

Roberta Gordon