In the Shadow of Vengeance

Nancy C.

Detective Noah McNeil and his family have seen their fair share of heartache, all caused by one man who has been placed in the highest security prison in the country. Elizabeth Merlot and her two children, Danny and Erin, have been in the Witness Protection program for the last 14 years. She has been hiding from a ruthless family and an ex-husband presumed dead. When Noah and Elizabeth finally turn to each other, it is just in time for all hell to break loose and for the two men that have ruined each of their families to join forces, in order to cause the most chaos possible.


Ms. Weeks has written a thrill ride! She sends her readers up one hill only to have them fall down a slippery slope with no sure end in sight. “In the Shadow of Vengeance” is the perfect title for this thrilling book. It is action packed and sensual enough to satisfy any romance reader’s addiction. The only thing that would have made this book better would have been added depth of characterization. Ms. Weeks' characters tended to be a little predictable, but it wasn’t enough to keep the reader from being fascinated from page one until the end. Any reader would be crying out for more after finishing “In the Shadow of Vengeance"!


Mary-Nancy Smith