In The Shadow of Pride

Nancy C.

On the same day that Lexie Trevena buried her murdered husband, she found that he had cheated on her, became a father and applied to adopt his newborn son.  Quite the day!  Lexie is determined to follow through on the adoption and raise her son in a loving and supportive home, no matter what. She shuts down her heart to any new men; she has no desire or time to date. Unfortunately, her best friends play matchmaker and accidentally set Lexie up with a terrorist who only wants to use her for his gain. The only one who can help her is a man that she blames for her husband’s murder: Special-Agent-In-Charge Mac McNeil. Mac always knew that Lexie was too good for her husband. When all of the evidence says that Lexie is guilty, Mac refuses to give up on her. Will love conquer all or will they allow their pride to get in the way? 


Readers will appreciate how we get a huge jaw dropping twist near the very beginning of the story. Immediately the flow of the story picks up. Lexie is a strong and independent character who refuses to let life knock her down. She gladly faces anything that life throws at her full force. The chemistry between Lexie and Mac is thick. The reader can feel his love for her even before he admits it. The twists and turns mixed with the romance will keep readers engaged and begging for more!


Heather Mcguire