Savage Cove


US Army Night Stalker pilot, Erin "Xena" Savage, returns home to Wisconsin to deal with her parents death, grieving teenage brother, and family business, Savage Cove. The last person she wants to see is the misogynistic jerk she once shared a mind-blowing one-night stand with. Three years ago, now former Delta Force Operator "Trek" Pierce had a major freak-out after discovering the sexy bartender haunting his dreams is actually a Night Stalker pilot. Now, no matter their complicated history, Trek has no problem watching over the Warrior Princess when danger in the form of an outlaw motorcycle gang wants to take over her family business. Will their still-strong attraction be too much of a distraction to keep Erin and all she holds dear, safe?

A steamy, suspenseful drama, "Savage Cove" is a tale of danger, rescue, and second chances. From the emotional beginning to the fairytale ending, readers will turn pages of this story quicker than a helicopter blade spinning. Readers will want to be friends with the bad-ass heroine who takes down a biker, pours you a beer, and yet can still be vulnerable enough to question her choices. With appropriate inappropriate thoughts, readers will swoon over an alpha hero who rides in to save the day with toe-curling kisses and steamy, wet dreams. Readers will be envious of the loyal friends willing to use their special set of skills to keep them safe. The malicious, motorcycle minions and their nefarious plot will have readers ready to swing a tire iron to halt their mayhem. This foray into the hot bodied… sorry, alpha male world with a warrior princess' POV proves Taryn Rivers understands the assignment! Absolutely fantastic!

Tonya Mathenia