Salvaging Truth (Hunters and Seekers Book 1)


Riley Rawlings gets a frantic phone call in the middle of the night from her mother, Claudia. She’s asked to protect her mother’s research as the crew is scuttling off to the lifeboats when the line goes dead. Riley is determined to find where her mother hid her research and find out why her research ship sank, so she hires “Hunters and Seekers”, a team of retired Navy seals. Dagger, Stone, and Kaleb are salvage divers and private investigators. After Dagger goes down to the sunken ship and videos everything he sees, Riley spots her mother’s yellow sweater she takes on every research trip. They retrieve it and find a clue to the whereabouts of the hidden research data. Will Riley be able to unravel all the clues? Will she be able to keep the data safe?

“Salvaging Truth” is a scavenger hunt on a large scale taking Riley and Dagger far from home, doubling back on their trail and just ahead of the enemy. Espionage, treason, and suspense all reign supreme in this cat and mouse tale where no one is truly trustworthy except for Dagger and his team. Ms. Jaytanie brings this piece to life with the bickering of the three men of “Hunters and Seekers” and the sexual tension between Dagger and Riley. One feels the suspense ratchet up as they get closer to the research files, and their enemies get closer too. Nothing is as it seems in this riveting piece. Superbly written, Ms. Jaytanie delivers a superior piece of fiction which engages the reader from page one until the last page is turned!

Belinda Wilson