The Russian Obsession (Foreign Affairs #3)


Christabel awakens in a foreign hotel room with no memory of anything – including who she is! After finding a passport among her things and finding her appearance matches the picture, she determines her name, but little else. Two years later, she is working on a vaccine for the Ebola vaccine in Russia, but has to run when she learns the FSB is after her. Mercenary pilot Max is taken with Christa at first sight. He rescues her and then keeps her close to him at all costs. Why are the Russian and United States governments after her, a mere scientist?


Fans of deception, espionage, and betrayal will love this novel. It has characters that are bigger than life and more evil than one can imagine. Mercenary pilot Max is everything a hero should be: tall, sexy, tough, and cunning. Christa is as tough as one can be, considering she has no memories of her past for two years. The beginning of the book starts off slow and is convoluted and difficult to follow, so it takes a dedicated reader to keep reading past the first few chapters. Once through those chapters, the action begins and the novel evens out into a worthwhile read, although with a couple of glitches. (The author needs to decide if Max’s airplane has a yoke or a stick, no plane has both!) The chase in this work is exciting and keeps one on the edge of one’s seat waiting for the next round of bullets to fly. This is the third book in a series, but works great as a standalone.


Belinda Wilson