To Russia for Love: An Espionage and Pulp Fiction Political Thriller Novella (Involuntary Spy Espionage Thriller Series Book 2)


In the midst of the Ukrainian civil war, Seth Rogan finds himself involuntarily becoming a spy to search for his missing girlfriend, Natalia Andropova. When he receives a cryptic text from Natasha,neither his biological research nor the beauty of Hawaii is enough to keep him from venturing into danger and the world of espionage to rescue her. However, her disappearance has embroiled him in not only undercover activities, but also involved with his former employer, Germinat, a giant chemical company whose main interest is genetically manufactured foods. Seth must not only fight the company that he abhors, but also time, as he struggles to save Natasha.  


This second book in the Involuntary Spy Espionage Thriller Seriesdoes not disappoint. With a jump-start beginning, its hot pursuit pace doesnt let up until the last page, keeping the reader glued to the pages with its twists and turns. This well-researched, suspenseful thriller contains enough realism to make it not only a hold-on-to-the-edge-of-your-seat, but also a plausible, story. Some areas need minor editing and a little more fleshing out of Natashas plight would have made the story meatier, but these issues take a back seat to the brilliance of the plot line. The steady build of tension, along with the infusion of danger, keeps the pages turning rapidly while one roots for the good guys. This intriguing story blends thrilling suspense, a web of espionage, and a struggle for power and ties them all together with a hint of romance to make it a riveting must read that will appeal to readers of many genres. 


Janna Shay