Roll The Dice


Aurora Morelli is a tough Las Vegas cop - not only does she command respect, she earns it.  When her former partner is raped, catching the bad guy becomes personal.  She will not let anything get in her way, even her new partner Kai Larson.  She discovers that getting justice is also personal for Kai and an attraction to him that is hard to deny.  Underneath the tough exterior she is vulnerable and has heart that Kai finds irresistible to let go of.  Can these two put away their guns long enough to let love happen?

Aurora is smart and although she portrays a hard cop on the outside, she is a woman just wanting to be loved and to have a family.  These traits make her a very real and likable. The reader is brought right into this personal battle. Kai is a smooth operator with his own agenda. The attraction between them is like a ticking time bomb and just as explosive.  Reading both their points of view gives added insight to their psyche and characters, as well as that of the villain.  That character plays a large, interesting role.  At times the plot is a bit predictable, and the ending is very abrupt, but overall Ms. Barbour has created a good story line with suspenseful moments and compelling characters.


Margaret Faria