Ring Around The Rosie (Hostage Negotiation Team #4)

Julie Coulter

Captain Ron Reed and his hostage negotiation team are celebrating a successful job when Ron's ex-wife Sarah appears in the diner.  Ron is still reeling from this surprise when a group of armed men take over the diner and begin barking orders.  


Ron had never intended to see Aaron Starks again after he tracked him down the last time and sent him to jail for the last 5 years. Now Aaron has held up the diner, taken hostages and is looking for revenge, Ron feels this plan has been in motion for quite some time since all the people he cares about are with him and he fears the worst is yet to come.


Ms. Bellon has created a well rounded suspenseful novel. "Ring Around the Rosie" is the fourth in author Julie Coulter Bellon's Hostage Negotiation series, but stands alone quite well.  The plot has a steady pace and is deftly written. The characters are portrayed as a tight-knit group who work together and are there for each no matter what; its a wonderful example of a strong team working together and also a family unit who genuinely care for one another. The suspense built up by hostage situations will keep readers engaged in this story until the very end, which ties up all the threads nicely. The creativity the bad guys use adds to the drama and suspense but may seem a bit unrealistic. 


This wonderful tale has a soft but poignant romance that will bring new light to old passion. Make this author a favorite on your shelves, and search for the rest of the series!


Julie Caicco