Revenge: Blood and Honor #1

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Kate unknowingly fell in love with and married a member of the mob, Vince Andretti.  After relocating to Italy, she convinces Vince to allow her to take a job working at an orphanage.  After Vince abuses his wife, Kate is offered help and protection by the owner of the orphanage, Enrico Lucchesi.  Thinking he is simply a wealthy businessman, she accepts.
Enrico Lucchesi is her husband's rival, a handsome and extremely wealthy mafia don. Wanting Kate and knowing he can’t have her has been torture - until the day her husband nearly murders her in his orphanage.  Realizing he must protect her from his rivals, the Andretti’s, Enrico takes her to his home where deeper feelings begin to emerge for them both, even amidst a mob war.
This book is typical of what one would expect in a mob story:  family, violence, money, sex - and it doesn’t disappoint!  It’s quite a challenge to keep all the family members straight, but if one forgets, they need only look in the front of the book. Ms. Delamar takes a unique approach with Enrico Lucchesi, he is a mobster with a heart *gasp*, and even though he is mafia, one can’t help but fall in love with him. Sadly, this novel was very predictable, but Ms. Delamar’s characters are emotionally deep, evil to the core, and filled with angst.  All this  is balanced out neatly with a very yummy romance!
Tonya Smalley