Reckoning (Degrees of Darkness #4)


Cody and Remy are madly in love - everything is perfect except for their pasts.  Each one has baggage which interferes in their lives.  Remy struggles with the death of his first wife, and Cody still bears the scars of a brutal rape that may never heal.  Remy’s work as a police detective doesn’t help either:  he’s gone so much Cody wonders if they’ll ever lead a normal life together.  Then there is Cody’s ranching business with her father.  That’s Cody’s life, and Remy has no part in it.  Sometimes she feels closer to her father than she does to Remy.  When the gruesome murders start, Remy thinks they’re just part of the job.  But when they point to Cody and her father, a maniacal killer threatens everything dear to Remy. 

 “Reckoning” is a spine-tingling cop thriller which will tempt the reader at every page!  The police investigations are well written and build nicely with an unexpected twist to the killer’s identity.  The romance between Cody and Remy is tender, yet teasing, and invites the reader into their budding relationship.  The author frequently mentions events in Cody and Remy’s past with little explanation – more detail would have helped the story along.  The connection between the killer and a member of the department also needs more development to make it more believable.  Even so, readers won’t be able to put “Reckoning” down as they yearn for Remy and Cody to find happiness together, and for a vicious killer to be brought to justice.  Recommended!

Victoria Z. Burg