Rebecca Tree: A Political Dynasty Unravels


Rebecca Tree comes from a long line of political movers and shakers. Though her family actually has few members in it (due to death hitting hard), those who were bypassed have managed to worm their way into power within the American political arena both in the public eye and out of it, except for Rebecca. Having lived her entire life outside politics and the public, the death of her brother Sam, the current President, has her family forcing her into the spotlight with a series of deals for information she desperately wants. Running her own powerhouse green company should have been enough preparation for her to run and become President. It wasn’t.

Although the actual date is never mentioned, a few clues within the book set this tale only a few decades into the future. Nearly all technology mentioned are things that either are just now emerging, or are only a few years away from being mass produced. Political intrigue, especially now, is a popular topic, and though this tale slips into a few divisive soapbox moments and is clearly on one side of the political spectrum, its entirety is not written offensively. Where it falls down is with the unreasonable level of descriptions and scenes that are wholly unnecessary to any of the plots or subplots. At every introduction of every character and entire background is given, sometimes as a flashback, even if that character is only in that one scene. So much extra only bogged down a fascinating story. Rebecca is an unforgettable character with an amazing journey she takes on to find answers.

Julie York