Reaching Hope (Dog Talk Book 1)


NOVELLA: Ex SEAL, Zane Kelly is suddenly awakened by another joining him on this boat, where he didn’t think anyone could find him for the time being. Zane is a military trained dog handler sent home without his trusted canine companion. He is perfect for finding out what happened to another dog trainer that seems to be missing. Blair Sellick has a gift with animals and when she’s approached to join an elite group to train dogs for therapy and service animals, she jumps at the opportunity. When Blair’s mother cannot reach her she shows concern and reaches out for help finding her. As the search begins, it seems some shady business is at hand and the dogs and the trainers are in danger. Can they reach Blair and the dogs in time from the hands of corruption? 

Ms. Jaytanie has created a heart pumping, suspenseful drama in “Reaching Hope”. This is a quick read and pages will flip fast to the end. This story has all the bases covered with a tough guy, yet damaged hero, and a special gifted heroine. The bad guys of Baker Corp show up in force. The arc of the story is well drawn and the characters, along with the dogs, are easy to follow. This short story gets the job done, however it may leave readers wanting for more! There is a beautiful romance that develops, but the bad guy disappears and there is no finality. This is book one of a series. Here is hoping they find the bad guys and we get more with Zane and Blair and the gifts they have with the animals!

Viola Robins