The Protector (The D’Azzo Family Book 3)

Nancy C.

Detective Nathan Andrew D’Azzo, masked as Drew Parker, is on an undercover mission to unveil the connection between Judge Jarret and Marcus Jacko, a mafia boss in the Mid-Atlantic states. Drew Parker figures out that if he gets close to the woman who always makes public appearances with Jacko at the Rosewood Hotel monthly, he will be a step closer to unveiling the dark web between the judge and Jacko. Joe D’Azzo, Nathan’s father and role model, is killed in a gruesome murder that strongly implicates Judge Jarret as the mastermind of the murder. Joe’s death gives Nathan the drive and stamina that he needs to piece everything together and find the underlying cause of it all… and the chase begins.

Wow! What a spicy thriller this is. The reader is drawn into the story from the first chapter. One gets to enjoy several adrenaline-packed action scenes, characters that evoke the reader’s emotions, and a romance that breeds from an unlikely place. The to-and-fro of the thrilling investigation keeps the reader engaged as he/she tries to piece everything together alongside the team of detectives. The inclusion of a very stubborn lead character and the use of high-tech devices make the chase very entertaining. Although the ending of the book seems to tie everything together, one cannot help but question if the team of detectives had enough evidence against the villains to bring justice to their victims, especially Nathan’s family. It is amazing that one can enjoy “The Protector” as a stand-alone!

JM Lareen