Jake Garber is in the witness protection program pending a Federal child-trafficking case in which he’s a witness. Shannon Chase is the identity stolen by a young woman escaping her past to protect her child.   Fate leads them both to a remote Washington town where a car crash hurls Jake and Shannon into one another’s lives, where each struggles to protect a secret.  Can they maintain their secrets and survive the mystery each poses?

This is a highly unique contemporary romantic-suspense plot with multiple levels of intrigue.  Jake appears to be a solid character with high moral fortitude, learning to live a simple life while waiting his turn to testify.  Shannon’s true colors are more camouflaged by the secrets she is running from and her stolen identity.  While there is a definite chemistry that is hard to miss between the characters, the story flows developing their roles and the setting for the story.  However when the time comes to unravel the mysteries, the shifts to the characters' true identities might be hard to follow.  Some readers may find the tale unable to present itself as believable due to the level of trust and altruism in small town America, while others will be surprised how the plot unravels.  Light editing is needed for grammatical issues such as quotations, missing words, and punctuation.  Readers will be surprised as what may seem like light seduction leapfrogs to amped-up steam in this unconventional story.  

Roberta Gordon