Proportional Response


A modern day terrorist plot by one of China’s Chairmen, Keung Yang, has plotted to cripple America and launch China to the forefront of becoming the world’s super power. When the failed attempt to drown America in a tsunami flounders, Tom Meecham, FBI Anti-Terror Director is called in to investigate and soon discovers the remains of a Chinese submarine. Fearful of retribution, and in order to save face, the Chinese president invites a full on investigation led by U.S. investigators to ferret out the suspected culprits. Will their investigation unearth the perpetrators, or will America be forced to arm themselves for an imminent crisis?


Intellectual and political thriller fans will rejoice in this fast paced novel! Loaded with both domestic and foreign politics, a reader could feel like a fly on the wall and gain the sense that they are being drawn behind the scenes into the intricate workings of governmental policies. A reader should be prepared to wear many hats throughout this read; United States President, submariner, geophysicist, and FBI agent. While this provides for a well rounded storyline, it may also lead to confusion for the common reader as scenes switch in mid chapter without warning. Additionally, one should not expect heartstrings to be pulled when venturing into this novel as a reader will only see brief acknowledgments of familial relationships, and a marriage proposal. Nonetheless, with the great care to cultural and scientific details, Mr. Vucak will be grasping readers intrigue to the probabilities of “what-if.”


Stephanie Lodes