Promise Me the Moon

Nichole D.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Special Agent, Jayce Jackson, spy extraordinaire for the CIA’s Clandestine Operations and Properties group, and Grace Quincy, aka, “Q”, Quartermaster for U.S. reconnaissance, make a great team. Q creates all those exceptionally cool spy gadgets for Jayce, while Jayce seamlessly charms and lures the bad guys into his clever traps.  However, their latest mission draws Q out of the lab and into field work when NASA’s famed green glass Moonstone disappears. Thwarting Dr. Faust’s diabolical plans may be Jayce’s most dangerous assignment to date. With Jayce’s life on the line, Q will have to come up with a plan of her own to save her handsome spy. 

What a fun story!! Fans of spy capers will adore this Americanized James Bond style adventure. However, Q is no ‘Bond Girl’. She’s a smart scientist, which is a refreshingly positive image for a female protagonist. The dialogue is whip smart, loaded with clever double entendre and sexy innuendo.  The pacing is pitch perfect, giving the characters room to develop along with the plot. It should be noted the plot is zany, and highly implausible, like many spy capers, but that’s part of the book’s charm.  The secondary characters, dubbed ‘The Three Bs’, add extra poignancy and humor without the story becoming too busy. The chemistry between Q and Jayce is off the charts!! They were already a great spy team, and now they are a great couple, as well!  One hopes to join Jayce, Q and the gang for another mission very soon! 

Julie Whiteley