Presidential Advantage: Operation: First Lady


Elizabeth is a shy, country girl from Virginia who enjoys training horses.  One day, she meets Ethan, a prominent businessman from Georgetown, who asks her to marry him.  He goes from being Vice-President of the United States to President of the United States in no time at all. Elizabeth’s life is changed overnight as she is thrust into the role of First Lady.  

“Presidential Advantage” is a fast pace and engaging political thriller that leaves the reader guessing the plot until the very end. The author has developed a spell binding plot with complex characters especially the First Lady, who grows so much throughout the story. The reader will enjoy watching the First Lady remain true to who she is and make the right decisions. Jessica James did a remarkable job in researching the history of the White House and the Presidents. One will enjoy the descriptions of the different rooms in the White House and stories of the different presidents.  The story is extremely real and authentic, and the author describes the political process well along with the realities of running a country. Not only are the realities addressed but also the bad side of people in power.  “Presidential Advantage: Operation: First Lady” is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a suspenseful political thriller with a touch of romance and lots of action!

Victoria Zumbrum