Predatory Kill: A Legal Thriller


April Marsh is certain that Prudent Bank is behind the attack that killed her mother and left her father clinging to life by a thread. Armed with documents proving mortgage fraud, she hires attorney Brent Marks to help her make them pay for what they did. The inside of the courtroom is not the only venue for drama, as people are being threatened and hurt outside of the court as well. Brent is determined to give April justice, no matter what it costs - even if it’s his life.


This legal thriller starts with a bang and doesn’t stop until the very last page!  Set in Santa Barbara, this fast-paced story grabs the interest of the reader in the first chapter and keeps the momentum going with its many twists and turns. There are editing issues that hinder the flow, but they do not diminish the appeal of this story. The fact that it touches on the predatory business practices that are evidenced in our newspaper headlines not only gives it credibility but also bolsters the interest of the reader.

Even though the story primarily focuses on the drama unfolding in the courtroom, the added elements of the investigative portion of the trial, as well as, the glimpse into the personal life of the protagonist, adds depth to the story. As it progresses and more evidence is revealed, the tension builds, drawing the reader further into the suspense. 

This entertaining novel takes murder, corruption, and predatory practices, and ties them all together in courtroom drama, making it a riveting must read!


Janna Shay