Poison Heartbeats (Heartbeat #2)

Temple Emmet

George 'Mac' McKlane III is a Director of Homeland Security. His team of highly trained individuals comprises the Operation Poison Well Unit. Having successfully deterred three attempted terrorist attacks around the globe, the team discovers a sadistic plan to poison a river in Virginia. As Mac uncovers more details, he soon realizes that the woman he loves is somehow involved. What is her connection to the lead jihadist? How much does she know about the plot? And most importantly, can he still trust her? It's a race against the clock to neutralize the threat and save the lives of thousands. 


The second book in the "Heartbeats" series,  this standalone read is an absorbing journey that takes one from war-torn Afghanistan, to Florida, to Africa and finally to the hills of Virginia! Mr. William's brilliant characterization of radical Islamic terrorism is both frightening and intense. The book expertly weaves together many character experiences to form one cohesive story.  Although the descriptions of the landscapes are beautifully detailed, some may find it odd that the character descriptions are lacking. Be that as it may, readers will be intrigued by the mystique surrounding Holly Smolkes. One doesn't know for certain if she's the woman she portrays herself to be or if she's playing both sides against the middle. "Poison Heartbeats" is one heck of a thrill ride! The complicated characters, gripping plot and dizzying twists and turns will stay with the reader long after the last page. Be on the lookout for the next book in this suspenseful series! 


Chantel Hardge