Pegasus Down (Donovan Nash #6)


Billionaire Donovan Nash’s world instantly crumbles with one phone call.  The airplane his beloved wife was traveling on went down with no sign of the wreckage and no word of survivors.  Desperate, Donovan calls in all resources to help him find her but with time running out, he must risk the one secret that can destroy his life and enlist the very person capable of doing so in order to rescue her.


The trip, although top-secret, was supposed to be a simple extraction of an old friend for Donovan’s wife, Dr. Lauren McKenna, but, things get deadly when the airplane is shot down.  Lauren must use every resource she has to stay alive and out of the hands of those searching until Donovan can find her.

Fast paced, non-stop action from the first page to the last!   “Pegasus Down” is a superbly written, deftly crafted roller-coaster that keeps readers devouring every page!  On par with the best in suspense writing, the story plays out like an edge-of-your-seat movie, complete with danger, explosions, intrigue, betrayal and redemption.  The extensive descriptions of aircraft jargon and technology bring a realistic dimension but may slow the story down for some readers.  Even so, for anyone who loves action, intrigue and adventure, this one is an absolute must!


Ruth Lynn Ritter