A Patriot’s Act (A Brent Marks Legal Thriller)


Lawyer Brent Marks takes on the government in a case that challenges freedom in America. Investigator Rick Penn stands by his friend’s side, from start to finish, protecting him from the evil people willing to kill Marks in order to silence him. Ahmed Khury gives his life, maintaining his innocence. Catherine Khury loses her soulmate in a senseless act of government brutality. Brent seeks to bring the truth to light, obtain justice and compensation for the Khury family, and tear down the falsehoods the Patriot Act represent. 


Reader beware, this is not a mild mannered mystery! Mr. Eade takes a truly realistic look into the atrocities that occurred at Guantanamo Bay in the act of patriotism and protecting the freedom of Americans. The reality is not pretty. The story being told is a powerful look into the inner workings of a twisted government machine. Brent Marks and Rick Penn are exceptional characters, supported by a cast of government officials that will make you smile or cringe. The reader will have immense emotional reactions to every moment of the tale unfolding - be prepared! The only thing that becomes overwhelming is excessive quotations. The legalese is spot on and benefits the tale being told, and quotes are reasonable during the court proceedings. Brent has a girlfriend who makes a few appearances, giving him comfort and emotional release during the stressful events of the case. An edge-of-your-seat thriller that could easily be transformed into a dramatic film. Simply riveting, start to finish!


Penelope Anne Bartotto