The Neighbor


Claire Vogel, a divorced mother of four girls, has a secret - she likes to participate in risqué activities - mostly pretending to be someone she is not, and finding a man to string along for the evening. That is, until she meets her new neighbor, Steel Nolan. As Claire comes to know Steel and invites him into her home, things don’t add up, and her world starts to fall apart. Claire’s daughters start to see “shadow men”, and many more unexplained scary occurrences begin happening. As Claire investigates Steel and his past, and fights for her life and that of her daughters, she hopes she can make it out alive and not be dragged to Hell. 

Be prepared to sleep with the lights on as London Clarke has penned a story that is terrifying to its core! At times it’s so realistic, it will have readers checking dark rooms and peeking around corners! One will feel the fear and anguish that Claire feels as she grapples with the issues at hand. It is hard to put the book down until the last page has been read! Though this book is a breath-stealer, at times the pace seems a little slow. The beginning pages of the book may leave the reader a little confused as the first few pages feel out of place. Readers will find themselves intrigued, biting their nails and sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what is going to happen next! A tale that will stick with the reader long after the last page is done, “The Neighbor” is not to be missed! 

Heather Kroll