My Free Life – My Life Series Book 3


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Alessandra “Aless” Canzano, also known as Princess, is the Capo Donna of her Family in Northern Italy. She has been trained by her Uncle Lou since childhood to be the Family’s assassin. Gaining the respect and loyalty of the men who work for her and for her father, she has lived up to her full lethal potential at the tender age of twenty. As the Capo Donna, it is her responsibility to run Family business and ensure their interests are not interfered with. Desperately unhappy with the life her father has chosen for her, Aless hopes to escape from his influence, her responsibilities, and live a free life where she calls her own shots. 

Fans of Necie Navone’s My Life Series will enjoy the third novel in this series as they learn what happens to characters they’ve come to think of as Family. However, if one hasn’t read the previous books in this dark coming of age drama, it may take a while to get up to speed. The heroine, Aless, is a sassy, kick-ass, dangerous young woman with a twisted sense of humor. The male characters in her family are stereotypical Italians one would expect in a crime family. The few sex scenes are slightly steamy, and the language can be a little harsh. There are a few misused and missing words throughout the book. The plot slowly builds to its slightly intense conclusion. Ms. Navone manages to pull readers into the story and will have them laughing, getting teary, and even cheering for Alessa as she discovers more about herself and executes a plan to have a Free Life.

Tonya Mathenia