My Every Breath: A Romantic Suspense Novel


Gia Callaghan’s father is an assassin for The McCullen Irish Mob. For ten years she has been trapped without any hope of going away and living an enjoyable life. That is, until Cade King walks into the strip club owned by the mob. Cade King is a playboy but also a successful CEO. He is immediately attracted to Gia. When he sees the leader of the mob, Rory, being rough with her, withoutt thinking, Cade comes to her rescue, unaware that he will soon have the mob on his tail. Instead of backing down, he makes a decision to help Gia escape. There is only one problem. The only way to get out mob is death. Can Cade get Gia to safety? 

This romance story sizzles! The entire plot is very intriguing and hooks the reader immediately with its suspense. Gia is a survivor and refuses to let anyone be hurt because of her, so she finds it difficult to grow attached to anyone. It is a good thing that Cade doesn’t listen to anyone. However, he comes off very possessive from the beginning. The moment he sees Gia, he wants her. This gives him a creepy vibe. Although, they do have amazing chemistry, it could have been better built up throughout the story. Also, the pacing is a little slow, despite the suspense. Overall, the story is enjoyable and steamy! The reader will not want to stop turning the pages hoping for a happy ending. 

Amanda Hupe