My Dear Branson (Baker Street Legacy #1)

Gail R.

Grayson Holmes is member of Britain's MI6 and has landed in Boston to be a guest lecturer for his great uncle's class. He is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes and graciously accepted the invitation to speak. Once there, a massive explosion takes place and it’s eventually believed to be aimed at Grayson. A student had abruptly left the classroom when there was interference with her hearing aids right before the blast, Kip (Kipling) is taken as a key witness and is a great asset to the investigation, and one that Grayson is immediately taken with. Will the investigation lead to love or just another case that needs solved? Who is the mystery man that seems to appear when times get tough?


English wit and banter are an amusing part of this story and the character development is refreshing and easily engages the reader. The drama of the plot does not really pick up until after the first half, but when it does, hold on! The hunt is on and every clue and detail is pertinent. Ms. Delaney has skillfully written a suspenseful tale and readers will be carried through a great plot and a refreshing love story. Mutual feelings are revealed and then snatched out of reach; this may leave many readers wanting for more. Although, not all together wrapped in this book, readers will want to know more and continue with other books in this series to see where the road leads Grayson and Kip.


Viola Robins