The Meadows (Legacy of Darkness Book 1)


After finally getting sober, Scarlett wants nothing more than to start over in a place where people don’t know her as the drug-addict songwriter.  Deciding a new adventure is just the ticket, she purchases an old grand mansion in the Shenandoah Valley to turn into a high-end bed and breakfast.  From the moment Scarlett arrives at the mansion though, odd things begin to happen.  When a tunnel under her house is discovered, sending her construction crew practically running for the door, Scarlett is determined to figure out what is plaguing her new home.  She soon learns the house has a rather violent past, one riddled with unfinished business someone, or something is finally ready to complete.  Armed with a crew of supernatural fighters, Scarlett sets out to wage war against the house and its evil spirits — and whatever else may be lurking in the shadows.

From the opening scene to the final climax, Ms. Clarke creates a wonderfully creepy world in which to frighten her readers.  In the midst of the heart-pounding thrills are real-life moments of fighting addiction, disappointment, and struggling to start anew.  The only issues in this otherwise nail-biting tale are an overly and unnecessarily graphic opening chapter and a middle section that loses steam.  However, if one can stomach the first few pages and trust all information gathered throughout is in fact important, they will not be disappointed.  “The Meadows” is a “keep the lights on and hide under the covers” thriller that will have readers turning the page late into the night!

Amy Cefoldo