A Masterpiece of Our Love (The Masterpiece Trilogy Book 1)

Nikki Lynn

Rebecca Lange and Hunter Beckman formed an unshakeable friendship as children, when a tragedy that killed their families left them alone on an island for days until help arrived. Returning yearly to the place of the accident for comfort, their bond with each other deepens. When Hunter is beset with nightmares and needs peace in his life, he turns to Rebecca, the one person who understands him. Their friendship changes and turns to love, but someone isn’t happy with the transformation and is leaving cryptic messages for them. Hunter convinces Rebecca to spend the summer with him to keep her safe and to let their budding love develop. However, the enemy who is unhappy with their relationship is getting bolder and threatening more than just their love.  


This contemporary romantic suspense is the first book in the Masterpiece Trilogy and cannot stand alone if the reader is looking for a happily ever after. Anything but typical, this friendship turned to love story contains flashbacks of the tragedy that befell the protagonists, the addition of PTSD to the mix, and many other mysteries that develop. The story line starts out slowly and drags somewhat in areas where the drama could unfold with fewer words. In addition, the fact that it ends abruptly, leaving issues unresolved with a cliffhanger, is disconcerting. 


However, the plot is suspenseful and interesting enough to keep the reader turning the pages to see if Hunter and Rebecca find their nirvana. The characters are well-drawn and have the reader commiserating with them as they face their challenges. This is an entertaining read as long as one doesn’t mind a cliffhanging ending. 


Janna Shay