Marked as Queen of Hearts (Rolling Brook series Book 5)

Blye Donovan

Rafe Alonso is the newly appointed Police Captain, a promotion he received after convicting a serial killer in the big city. He’s settling in the small Illinois town of Rolling Brook when a familiar face shows up in his local market and he’s flooded with memories from a decade ago. Tori Graham (Rafe’s ex-girlfriend) has come to town to work on her most recent novel. Her adorable dog, Toby, is her loyal sidekick. She’s determined to interview Rafe and get some insight into the serial killer and the case (that still gives him nightmares) so she can add technical details to her latest book. Can Rafe keep Tori safe – and his heart – while she’s in the copycat killer’s crosshairs?

Ms. Donovan has a penned a poetic romance while weaving a suspenseful murder mystery in “Marked as Queen of Hearts”! Rafe and Tori are given a second chance at love, and although it’s a common trope, the past that creeps into the present in this book proves painful and relatable making it more unique. The murderer is allusive enough; however, readers may find slight predictability as the killings continue. The suspense and the chase are well written which draws readers into the story and keeps the pages flipping steadily to the very end. The rekindling of two people that fit and belong together adds a lovely secondary storyline to this tale. This book stands alone, however if given the chance… indulge in the series. Heart-pounding perfection! 

*Contains some subjects that may serve as triggers for some readers*

Viola Robbins