For the Love of Jazz

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Looking to build her architectural restoration business, Josie Fagan takes on the project of restoring Patrick Pullman’s ancestral home. Within seconds of arriving at the front door, Josie feels inexorably drawn to the house, and to Patrick himself. Needing Pullman’s endorsement to keep her business afloat, she agrees to live in the house while the work proceeds.  In the midst of the work, Josie gets a lot more than she bargained for: she uncovers family secrets, has visions of the past, and sees ghosts...all while trying not to lose her heart - along with her life!
After meeting Josie Fagan, Patrick can’t deny his attraction to her. When he realizes that he has a stronger connection to Josie then just physical attraction, things become very complicated. He discovers that she has a claim on his family home, and that his family may be responsible for the disappearance of her aunt 50 years ago. After threats on her life, he insists they work together to find the answers about the past.
Elke Feuer's writing has the amazing ability to suck one into a story from the very first page. There is nothing better than a good ghost story, and “For the Love of Jazz” delivers! Josie and Patrick start out attracted, but leery, their feelings grow right along with the suspense. This story delivers sexy characters, intrigue, ghosts, suspense and a plot twist one doesn’t expect, what more could one ask for?  And to think this is Ms. Feuer’s first novel - this is one author to watch!

Tonya Smalley