Lost Sierra

Amanda Taylor

Daphne Marlow has moved to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to escape her well-planned life. She’s pleased to have established a holistic healing practice and being able to help the people of Lost Sierra. One of her established patients is a Vietnam veteran who has become her friend. He’s always on time and ready… until the day he doesn’t show up. When her calls go unanswered, Daphne goes to his cabin. He’s not there, but his wallet and other personal items are. When she begins to ask questions around town, she finds no one else is concerned about his absence. The more questions she asks, the more walls she hits. While Daphne searches without success, there’s the growing danger of a nearby wildfire. Still, she can’t give up.

This story is crafted like a beautifully woven tapestry. The suspense is slow in building and will keep one hooked until the end. Daphne is a trust-fund baby who’s tired of the wealth and abundance that has surrounded her, her whole life. She’s out to prove she can have a self-sustaining life and help people in rural areas learn about nutrition and natural resources for healing. When her friend goes missing, readers will embrace her cause as fiercely as Daphne does. Her true spirit shines through as her search becomes more desperate each day. Readers will feel her tension and her growing fear as she meets various people in a town full of secrets and lies that dog Daphne’s path. What she thinks is Mayberry turns out to be a hive of deception… and readers will tag along on this nail-biting adventure!

Leah Neale