The Lost Prophet (Ramsey Series - Book 2)

James B.

The fragile peace of the Holy Land is threatened when one of its holiest sites is desecrated. Urgently needing to find the culprit and restore a sense of calm to Israel, the Ministry relies on its best investigator. Vince Ramsey abandoned his much needed vacation to try and save the land he loves. Ruins and intrigue greet him at every step as his search for answers continues. His investigations uncover unusual occurrences which lead him to believe there is something more sinister at play than he originally believed. Is he chasing a garden-variety terrorist desperate to impose his views on others, or a proxy for a darker soul bent on destroying the prophets of old to send the world into chaos? Ramsey relies on his wits as well as his faith on his quest to save the Lost Prophet. 

This was an exciting tale with many twists and turns. One of the twists had a mystical component, which made this novel seem more like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull as opposed to the Temple of Doom. Being able to jump into the warrior angel angle made this tale more fantasy then this reader would have liked, but the adventurous nature of the hero and the impressive amount of research woven through the narrative was truly inspired. This title is a thrill ride one will enjoy taking!

Amy Willis