Lost King (An Omar Zagouri Thriller)

Heather B.

Present-time Egypt: Omar Zagouri is on a mission. His job is to find a missing, priceless artifact - the Book of the Dead - a book that someone is willing to kill for. This artifact could change history as it is known, along with everything that is believed about Moses and the Ten Commandments. The murderer is not above kidnapping those who are able to translate the scrolls for their benefit. So, it becomes a necessity to uncover who is behind the murder and kidnappings, and find the lost scrolls before their translation becomes public knowledge. 


Ancient Thebes 1490 BC:  Hatshepsut’s father is Thutmose I, Pharaoh of Egypt. His heir to the throne is her best friend, and one she is expected to marry. She wants no part of marrying anyone, she wants to be Pharaoh, and does all that she can to prove that she is worthy.


The setting of Egypt in this book was truly a highlight! With a dual story line, one in the present and one in the past, it is also the 3rd book in the series. The two stories are meant to correlate, the past supporting the present plot. While Ms. Moore writes very well, the two stories seemed a bit disjointed and don’t align as smoothly as desired. The depth and backstory to the characters is a bit light as well, making it difficult to connect with them.There are lots of twists, turns and characters that keep the story moving and engrossing - as long as one pays close attention!  If so, it promises to keep one turning those pages until the climatic end!


Lynne Bryant