Liar, Liar


FBI agent Liza Bartholomew has returned to Eider, Iowa in search of an elusive scam artist. The local sheriff, Shane Hamilton, has his hands full with a recent crime wave and is annoyed at having to deal with an FBI agent, even one as beautiful as Liza. But, they soon discover their cases could be connected, which puts them in the awkward position of having to work together. Shane, however, is having trouble separating his private life from his professional one, as Liza manages to somehow bypass all his carefully constructed barriers.  As the case heats up, so does their relationship, which could put them, and their loved ones in extreme danger. 

“Liar, Liar” is a very distinctive and fast paced thriller. The plot is loaded with details and is very well crafted. The emphasis is on the investigation, with the romance developing very slowly, although the attraction between the couple is palpable. Liza and Shane are an unlikely couple, both keeping up their defenses, but they do end up making a fine team.  The only flaw with the conclusion, although very romantic, is that it leaves a few lingering questions regarding Shane and Liza’s personal life. The plot is complex, requiring one’s undivided attention. There are plenty of smart and exciting twists and well-timed surprises that will leave romantic suspense and thriller fans breathless!!

Julie Whiteley