Last Chance to Run

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Every time Angel Farentino has trusted a man, it has destroyed her life.  First her father secretly used her currier job to transport drugs which resulted her undeserved conviction and imprisonment. Then, her first decent job after release, she discovers her boss is dealing in high-end stolen property and is not about to let her live to tell about it.  On the run for her life, Angel can trust no one, not the police, and definitely not the handsome stranger who insists on helping her escape.

Pilot, Zane Jackson is well versed in uncovering shady situations but the long-legged beauty that he discovers battered and stowing away in his plane beats any he has ever known.  Obviously on the run but unwilling to allow his help, he should just let her go.  So why can’t he?  What is it about Angel that sends his alarms bells ringing and his heart racing all at the same time?

The suspense in this thriller starts off with a heart-stopping bang from the very first page!  The writing is so expertly done that the reader emotions are immediately drawn into both the characters and the plot.  After the initial adreneline rush, it does slow down to a crawl in the middle of the book and words, thoughts and phrases repeat themselves often, which becomes annoyingly distracting at times.  After the lull, however, the pace picks back up to catapult the reader to a whalluping ride of a climax!

Ruth Lynn Ritter