King of Hearts


Unfortunately for U.S. Marshall Maddie Granger, what happens in Vegas does not necessarily stay in Vegas.  As Maddie returns to work on a case with the Las Vegas PD, she is petrified of running into her past — namely, Gio.  Gio is a handsome detective that she had a fling with about 8 years ago, and unbeknownst to him, is the father of her son, Jake.  Maddie is so proud of Jake and the young man that he is growing into.  The case she is working on involves the Giovanni hotel and casino, which happens to be owned by Gio’s father.  When Gio and Maddie’s relationship begins to heat up again, so does the case at the Giovanni.  Since Maddie is moving to Las Vegas, her sister, who lives with her and helps take care of Jake, brings him to the city once she is settled.  Maddie knows she needs to tell Gio about Jake but it unsure how he will react.

The characters of Maddie and Gio are well developed.  The reader feels the nervousness as Maddie comes across Gio for the first time.  Gio’s extended family is also an integral part of the story since the hotel is involved.  For years, there has been a rift between Gio and his father, but more background regarding the intensity of the relationship would be helpful.  The conflict between the man that Gio has become and his family brings another element to the story that makes his character even intriguing.  The story is suspenseful and a worthwhile read!   

Stephanie Shaw