The Killing Curse (An Omar Zagouri Thriller)


Omar Zagouri is on the hunt for an art thief in London. Much to his surprise, he finds that his cousin is dating the sister of the criminal he is after, and he uses the connection to learn more about the family. Omar discovers there is a history of crime that dates back to the Crusades, and is even more surprised to find a long tradition of honor killings. The closer Omar gets to finding the truth the more danger he finds and he must work fast to unveil the family's evildoing, before there is  another honor killing.

This thriller is edgy and will leave the reader enthralled, quickly turning page after page. The concept of the book is fascinating, and having an Israeli character investigating art thefts that leads him to a family with a history of honor killings, is intriguing. The subject of honor killings can be a little bit disturbing but the author handles the subject matter well. The book expands the horizons of the reader and there is a steady upbeat pace, which makes the story impossible to put down. Omar was a strong character who adapts well to the situations in the book, and the supporting characters are distinctive and well defined. The writing of the book was meticulous and well done. "The Killing Curse" is one of six books featuring Omar Zagouri, and  has a lot of depth, making it worth reading again and again! 

Jessica Samuelsen