Kill for You (A Warrior for Her #2)

Ayden K

Faith Donovan has dreamed of having a normal life ever since she could remember, but her life grows more traumatic by the day. Treated as collateral after her deadbeat mother and stepfather stole money from the Los Zetas drug cartel, she wonders if she will ever be free from this reality. After a rain of gunfire splits through the bar where she is forced to work, she suddenly finds herself face to face with Detective Octavio Hernandez. Like the emperor for whom he is so aptly named, he does everything in his power to protect Faith, even when the task seems impossible. Her secrets will be the key to bringing down the cartel, but revealing them will put her in such harm that even Octavio cannot protect her. 

Any lover of suspenseful crime stories with a heavy dose of romance will swoon when they get their hands on this story! This gritty tale is fast paced from the get-go when the bullets begin to rain down. One may have to stop for a breath from time to time, because the novel moves at such a break-neck speed that it will leave the reader’s head spinning. The abuse that Faith endures is completely traumatic and will have one’s pillow soaked with tears. However, one may find the situations triggering and difficult to read through. Octavio’s protectiveness when it comes to Faith may be alarming to some readers, as his personality becomes overly obsessive to the point of excessiveness. All in all, this suspenseful tale by Ayden K. Morgen will draw the reader in and never let them go! 

Jen Griffin