Kifaru (Enigma Series)


On a ski trip with her kids at Lake Tahoe, California, Tessa Scott, affectionately referred to as the Grass Valley housewife to her colleagues at Enigma, gets embroiled in a quest for the Kifaru, Botswana’s last hope for stability.

Captain Chase Hunter comes to her rescue like always. His first order of business is to save them from Handsome Jones, an agent/mercenary whose true intentions are in question. Chase’s team of covert operatives at Enigma are put to work. 

Readers who remember “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” are in for a treat, not to mention an A-Team vibe to go along with it! Those who love sweet romance will no doubt enjoy the heated tension between Chase and Tessa at just the right level. This action-adventure-mystery is set to keep the pages turning although the prologue is a bit confusing and there is quite an amount of telling rather than showing. Repetitive information slows the pace in places and some information dumps/backstory may tempt a reader into skimming. Character descriptions of this ensemble cast, however, are phenomenal. The author does a wonderful job with description, action scenes, and setting. This happy-for-now is all set to take readers into the next installment. Look for it!

Becca Windsor