The Kiev Connection (Matti James Mystery Series #2)


Bit and pieces of a woman’s body are dredged up from a makeshift grave and flow with the deluge during a Las Vegas downpour. Enter Matti James, a forensic facial reconstruction artist who, when she reconstructs the face of the victim, realizes that the dead woman was someone she saw with the man she’s involved with. So begins the second book of the Matti James Mystery Series, “The Kiev Connection”.


This is a good read for those who like stories reminiscent of the original CSI television series, but from the point of view of a forensic facial reconstruction artist. Matti is feisty, a no-nonsense woman, and maybe a little too nosy for her own good. Not only does her sleuthing affect her romantic relationship, it also leads to her life being threatened. 


The author has placed a lot of thought into writing this novel. The research is impeccable and one would think that the author was a gun-toting forensic reconstruction artist herself.  Reading the repartee between Matti and her colleagues and friends will bring about a chuckle or two. The story started with a lot of action, a veritable page turner. It started to slow down in places where technical information filled several pages. Despite this, one could not put the book down. 


“The Kiev Connection” is a book which will give murder-mystery enthusiasts hours of reading pleasure. 


M.P. Ceja