A Keeper’s Truth


Tess has been seeing things that are the stuff of nightmares. She starts to believe that she is going out of her mind with grief after losing her husband in a car accident. But when her visions become tied to a missing girl, she begins to question whether what she has is the gift of precognition. Bryce is someone whom Tess is attracted to and may have the answers to Tess’ “hallucinations”. Things are not exactly what they seem when Tess finds out that her visions are connected to a lost civilization.


It is somewhat difficult to determine what the author really wants to portray in the novel. "A Keeper's Truth" seems to fall between the paranormal and fantasy genres, with a bit of love story thrown in. There is talk of the lost worlds of Atlantis and Lemuria, terms which have been used interchangeably, and their connection to the existence of one’s soul. There is also talk of vampires and immortals juxtaposed with the metaphysical world. Perhaps the author wanted this to be the beginning of a new world. If so, the world building still needs to be polished. All the elements of what could have been a really good novel were here. Unfortunately, with the tendency towards information dumping, one just cannot help but lose the plot.


A novel with a rich map of information and endless possibilities, “A Keeper’s Truth”, needs a tighter connection between the ideas explored by the author and how they are woven into the story for a more enjoyable read.


MP Ceja