Justifiable, Book One

Wes Sarginson
Dianna Love
ISBN Number: 

Riley Walker’s life is once again repeating itself, when a serial killer decides to use his past as a way to help his cause in “cleaning up” Philadelphia. No one believes that Riley actually has a conscience, and would never use the life of a child to get the BIG story. He may be an award winning journalist, but after a decision he made caused a child to lose his life, he knows that value. 

Having to work with a media journalist, DA Investigator Kirsten Massey believes all the hype about Riley Walker. It takes awhile, but she finally realizes that he is on the up and up, and willing to do whatever it takes to save the child that is kidnapped after his mother is murdered. Now they must work closely together, get past all the political bull, and find a murderer where others are afraid to look.

This story starts out a bit slowly, but picks up steam about a quarter of the way in.  The villain is not overly unique in his reasons for murder but once the serial killer becomes a bigger part of the story, the intrigue and mystery ratchets up and the read is on!   Sarginson and Love do a great job with each of the characters stories, and why the serial killer chooses his victims. All the little tidbits about the Catholic Church are quite interesting as well. If one is looking for romance, then this one will disappoint. If suspense is the goal, however, this is definitely a go-to book! 

Tonya Smalley