Jigsaw (Black Raven Book 2)


When life separated Samantha Dickson Fairfax and Zeus Hernandez seven years ago she thought never to see him again. When she takes over as US attorney at the International Terrorism Tribunal proceedings being held in Paris, Samantha’s grandfather decides that she needs protecting and hires Black Raven Security and Zeus to act as bodyguards for Samantha and her team. Terrorist attacks continue to threaten the ITT proceedings and Samantha’s life. Zeus and Black Raven scramble to figure out who is behind the attacks before anyone else is killed or kidnapped. Will Samantha and Zeus be able to put their past behind them or will they let it fester and boil until it erupts around them? 

Stella Barcelona has created a thrilling world of intrigue, terrorism, love, and hate, where her characters come to life in the pages of her book. The heroine has backbone and the hero is smart enough to let her do what she feels like she needs to do. The plot is incredibly unique and carefully thought out. There are so many zigs and zags in the story they will keep readers on their toes. Although “Jigsaw” can be read as a stand-alone novel, most readers will find it helpful to read the first book in the series to have a better understanding of some of the players in the story. Ms. Barcelona is a master story-teller and readers will be coming back again and again!

Mary-Nancy Smith